ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator - Changing Pads & Batteries

After the ZOLL AED Plus has been used, or when the pads and/or batteries expire, you will be required to replace the pads and batteries.

Replacement parts for the ZOLL AED Plus include:

  • Type 123 Lithium Batteries – 5 Year Shelf Life – Part #8000-0807-01
  • CPR D Padz Adult Electrodes – 5 Year Shelf Life or one time use – Part #8900-0800-01
  • Pedi Padz Paediatric Electrodes – 2 Year Shelf Life or one time use – Part #8900-0810-01

Below is a video which shows you how to replace the pads & batteries for your ZOLL AED Plus. Please ensure you press the battery reset button after hearing the voice prompt “IF NEW BATTERY, PRESS BUTTON”.

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